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Dental and Oral Health Center

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Watch Your Mouth is part of ideastream’s ongoing multi-media coverage on major health topics nationwide with Plain Dealer & NetWellness. Through this unique collaboration, you will be able to explore ideastream’s programs as NetWellness brings in-depth information to your fingertips.

Disparities in Dentistry
Links Between Oral Health and Overall Health
No-Drill Fillings
Drill, Baby, Drill
Oral Health Costs
Dental Dollars
Grinders on the Rise
Need a Tooth? Grow Your Own

Morning Edition on NPR

Disparities in Dentistry (reported by Eric Wellman)

Low-income Ohians have found it's often hard to get the dental care they need because there are not enough dentists practicing in rural areas and too few dentists take on Medicaid patients. As Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports, a study shows that problem is worsening. 

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The Links Between Oral Health and Overall Health (reported by Gretchen Cuda)

A strong set of teeth, preferably white and straight, is good for one's appearance and ability to chew, but there's more at stake than that. The health of your teeth and gums can affect your heart, liver, even a baby in the womb. 

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No-Drill Fillings (reported by Gretchen Cuda)

Developed in Germany this new resin/gel product is applied to teeth, penetrates them, and stops cavities. In essence, it's a "no-drill" alternative to getting a filling.  The only caveat is that it doesn't work for really large, advanced cavities, just for small ones.

Drill Baby, Drill - How to Overcome Fear of the Dentist (reported by Gretchen Cuda) 

Going to the dentist can be a nerve-wrecking experience for millions of Americans each year. But dentists are working to make patients more comfortable and help reduce anxiety with a series of new techniques.

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The Sound of Ideas: The High Cost of a Dazzling Smile 

Even when people want to take good care of their teeth and gums, sometimes simple economics can stand in the way. Sound of Ideas explores the important issues of dental care and coverage from dental health experts.

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Dental Dollars: Dental Insurance Leaves Consumers With A Financial Cavity (reported by Gretchen Cuda)

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Why can't more people afford going to the dentist and why is dental insurance often inadequate to pay for dental bills?

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Grinders on the Rise (reported by Katie Baker)

This economy is a real headache for some. Dentists say stress is a key cause of teeth grinding and they are seeing more grinders as the economy has declined.

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Need a Tooth? Grow Your Own (reported by Gretchen Cuda)

How dentistry is changing from pull, drill, and fill to restore and regenerate.

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Last Reviewed: Feb 24, 2014

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