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Endometriosis in the Lungs?



I was diagnosed with endometriosis 6 years ago and had my right ovary and tube removed. Now this summer I have had severe pain on my left side which the doctors send me for a chest xray and discover pneumonia. My question is can endometriosis spread to the lungs and would it look like "fluid in the lungs" on xrays and CT scans?


Endometriosis of the lungs is very rare, but has been known to occur. The most common finding has been coughing up blood prior to or near menses. The chest x-ray findings are variable, but can be normal. It is usually suspected based on symptoms rather than x-ray findings. If you have symptoms consistent with pneumonia and have x-ray findings consistent with this, then pulmonary endometriosis is very unlikely. One of the unique characteristics is that the x-ray findings will change during the cycle as the endometriosis responds to the changing hormones. 

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