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Senior Health

Mother-in-law falls



I was looking for information on how to care for an elderly person after a fall. Effects of shock, treatment,care etc. Can you help?? my mother-in-law is 90 and fell yesterday. Nothing was broken she is only bruised and very sore today. She can`t stop shaking today and her hands feel cold to the touch?


The patient should be checked over and certainly have some basic labs and urine tests to rule out any underlying infections and review of medications, if she is taking any. Shakes may be due to shock or anxiety or pain following the falls, certainly 'fear of falling' again is well recognized. Infections can also result in chills. Low temperature sometimes is a feature of infections as well. Thanks. 

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Elizabeth Joyner Gothelf, BSN, MAG Elizabeth Joyner Gothelf, BSN, MAG
Assistant Director
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati