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One testical



I have problem with my testical. I have only one big testical when I was born. I`ve merried for three months, i have a normal sex intercourse with my wife but she doesnt know that I have only single testical. We`ve tried to have children but she keep having menstruation. Can I have children with one testical? should I tell my wife that I have single testical?

Thank you very much


Men with only one testicle can certainly father children, provided that the remaining testicle is normal.  I would suggest that you have a semen analysis performed.  This would determine if sperm production is normal.  Secondly, if you have only tried for 3 months with a normal semen analysis, you should be reassured to keep trying for another 9 months before having a complete infertility evaluation (assuming that your wife is not 40 or older). 

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati