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I have a pain in both knees and it seems to be right in the center. It remains with me at night. I break out in a red blotch on my face after I have gotton over a bout with seems to be like a flareup of some sort. I have been to an orthopedic doctor, a regular MD, acupunctuist, had mri`s on each knee, chropracters and all say my bones look good. I can use the treadmill but if I try a bike it is very uncomfortable for me. I have had this for 5 years and I am now at the point where if I could get pain killers however strong I would just do that. I am tired of trying to get Doctors trying to find out what the problem is. I sometimes wonder if it is any food I eat or drink. Can it be coffee or milk? I wish I knew what kind of a doctor to go to. I am 67 years old and have always been very very active. I have been in retail 35 years and have probably done too much walkking. Working for K-Mart 15 years and Wal-Mart 21 years working 2 nights from 7am to 10 pm at night all those years so I feel that is probably the reason and I have just abused the use of my body.Thanks for any advise you can give me.


You may have a housemaid's knee as you describe pain in the center and in the front of both knees. It could medically be a pre-patellar bursitis as your investigations have been normal. You should not go on your knees and use cold pads and rest besides Tylenol. You may benefit from steroid injections to the bursa or inside the knee joints. You could have arthritis of the knees. You may want to discuss these things with your doctor. Hope this helps.

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Arvind   Modawal, MD, MPH, MRCGP Arvind Modawal, MD, MPH, MRCGP
Professor of Family & Community Medicine, Geriatrics and Palliative Care
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati