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Lung diseases

Right lower lobe infiltrate



I went and had a chest xray done I was told everything looed good .then I get a letter saying i have a right lower lobe infiltrate I don`t smoke never had .I haven`t had PNEUMONIA .So why would I get this..


An infiltrate is a finding on the chest xray that the alveoli (the air sacs) are filled with fluid, cells, bacteria, or other substance.  Atelectasis or collapse of alveoli can also appear as an infiltrate on the chest x-ray.  Very often an infiltrate is seen with a pneumonia but it is also seen in other conditions.

It would be beneficial to review the chest xray and report with your primary care physician to determine whether any further evaluation is indicated.  A CT scan provides imaging of the chest that is more sensitive that a chest x-ray and may be indicated.

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