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Digestive Disorders

Air in bladder



I recently had a gastric bypass and two weeks after having it I am having abdominal pain. My doctor did a CT scan to make sure I didn`t tear something or wasn`t getting an abcess.  Niether was the case, but they did find an air bubble in my bladder.  

What can I do for this and is this something I should worry about?  My INR was 6.7 so that was the biggest concern for a possible tear.  They stopped my coumadin and gave me vitamin K, but i was just a little curious about the bladder issue.  Thank you.


One thing that comes to my mind from your description is whether an abnormal connection between the bladder and the intestine may have developed since your surgery. When this happens, air from the intestine can enter the bladder.

Another thought would be a possible bladder infection where bacteria that produce gas enter and grow in the bladder and cause air bubbles.

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Julia Gore Thornton, MD Julia Gore Thornton, MD
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