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Exercise and Fitness

Exercising with a broken wrist.



I recieved a gym membership for Christmas, then broke my right scaphoid while snowboarding during Christmas break. I currently have a full cast for 6 weeks, then a half cast for 6 weeks, then a splint for 6 weeks. What kind of exercise can I do while I am in casts. Am I able to use my gym membership? My doctor told me to try not to get sweaty, or my cast will stink but wasn`t helpful in telling me what I am allowed to do. Any advice would be helpful. I`m not looking forward to being a couch potato for 4 months.


I am sorry to hear about your recent fracture. The good news is, with your physician’s approval, you can do some low risk, lower body and core exercises. Certain pin-loaded strength machines should offer you what you need, i.e., Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Ab / Adduction, and Leg Press, Lower Back and Abs.

You do NOT want to load any weight or put undue pressure on your wrist until your doctor gives you the green light. Also, I would think you could do some walking for aerobic exercise without getting your cast damp. If you have trouble with moisture while exercising, you could wrap your cast with plastic in order to prevent it from getting wet. So don’t fret, you do NOT have to be a couch potato. You should be able to keep exercising by focusing on your core and lower body this winter.

Your wrist should be healing just in time for spring. At that time, you can gradually focus on exercises for your upper body again. That gym membership was a great gift, I hope you enjoy it!

Best of luck to you.

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David   Carroll David Carroll
Fitness Instructor
Fitness Center at CARE\Crawley
University of Cincinnati