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Breast Cancer

Fibroglandular breast tissue



Hi I am 43 and my Mom developed breast cancer at age 51, she died at age 63 from it. When I was 40 I developed DCIS in my left breast, which was removed and followed with tamoxifin, only for 4 months because I got blood clots in my leg from it. My Mom also recieved a shot of DES when she was pregnant with me to prevent miscarrage. My question is that I just got my mammo. and my left breast is fine but my right breast has a moderate amount of fibroglandular breast tissue, it says that it is mostly linear but irregular shaped densisty in the right breastlaterally and has increased since prior studies. There are no suspious clusters or microcalcifications, no skin thickening or nipple retraction. Of course I am nervous but do you think this is anything to be alarmed with or am I losing sleep for nothing?


The presence of fibroglandular tissue in the breast is a normal finding- that is the anatomy of breast tissue. The increased density laterally that is irregular in shape should be followed up, especially given your previous history of DCIS and family history of breast cancer. Were an ultrasound, spot compression or magnification views performed? Depending on the suspicion of the radiologist, you will either get a recommendation for a follow up mammogram in six months, or possibly a biopsy. Speak to your primary physician about the results and ask to be referred to a specialist if there is any question.

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