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Annual check-up numbers?



I am 54, female, just had my annual check up.

My total cholesterol was 181, HDL was 62 and LDL was 104. That only adds up to 166 according to the math I learned in school. Why don`t the HDL + LDL add up to the total of 181?

My dr. said these were good numbers. Also my triglicerices were 72 and glucose was 99 and A1C was 5.80. What are the norms for my age for these tests?

Last question: My dr said my Vitamin D was low, 29. What are good sources of Vitamin D, other than milk. I eat lots of cottage cheese and yogurt but I don`t drink milk as it doesn`t always agree with me.

Thank you.


There are other types of cholesterol particles (intermediate IDL and Very low density lipoproteins VLDL) hence the numbers of LDL + HDL don't always add up to total cholesterol levels. Usual accepted numbers are Triglycerides <150, Total Cholesterol <200, HDL >40, LDL <130 (<100 for diabetes or heart disease, <70 for diabetes with heart known heart disease), Glucose <126 (preferably <110 on a fasting sample), HbAic <6%.

For Vitamin D sources go to http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/vitamind.asp#h2 for a table of important sources. Dairy products (Swiss cheese) are good as they are rich in calcium and vitamin D, all milk available in the United States is fortified with vitamin D. Oily Fish, beef, liver and egg yolk also contain significant Vitamin D. One should not forget sunlight (UV) effect on the exposed skin to produce Vitamin D. So please do sit out in the Sun now and then, few minutes a day is all that is needed!

You are doing the right things. Enjoy good health and good luck.

Thanks for asking the question.

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Arvind   Modawal, MD, MPH, MRCGP Arvind Modawal, MD, MPH, MRCGP
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