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Urinary Disorders

Incurable Urethritis or Urethral Stricture



This question is a follow-up to: Incurable Urethral Discharge

There is an observation in the culture report of first void urine which reads "Normal skin flora which does not indicate any infection." It was the first urine in the morning, and 10 days after the last dose of any medicine. The doctor termed the culture report as normal. Routine urine on this sample was also normal.

Another doctor, a qualified Allopathic doctors, suggested that this urethral discharge is seminal fluid discharge due to loose muscle of prostate. He prescribed me herbal medicine, i.e., “Tribulus Terrestris Extract” and few other. He admitted that medical science do not recognize this conidtion and accordingly offer no treatment. I do not took these medicine seriously. However, he is the only one among a dozen of my physician who said some thing conclusive.

Please tell me, Sir, non-specific urethritis would not have erradicated with the type and amount of antibiotic I have taken so far.

Is It possible that non-specific urethritis is incurable urethritis.

One thing for sure, urethral stricture can not be cured by medicine. Is clear watery discharge one of its symptoms? Will you please tell me, Sir, are there ways to diagnozed stricture without cystoscopy? I do not want to undergo cystoscopy due to my fear of injury from infection. There must be some imaging techniques as alternatives. Please advise.


Urethral cultures specifically for ureaplasma are needed to help to establish of exclude the diagnosis.  I suggest you consult with  urologist and discuss this with him/her.

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Martin I Resnick, MD Martin I Resnick, MD
Formerly, Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University