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Inner shaking, heart palpitations, vibrations



I am a 34 year old female who has a history of Irritable bowel syndrome, PCOS(with hypoglycemia and heavy irregular periods since 15 yrs old),and Sinus tachycardia, and sleep apnea. I have had inner shaking, heart thumping and a vibrational sensation throughout my upper body both while sleeping and awake, that has lasted a week and a half. I feel like there is a motor running inside my body,or that someone or something is shaking my bed constantly. I hear it as if ringing in my ears/head and feel it throughout my chest area, but am not shaking externally. I have had bloodwork, an ekg, and x-rays of my spine. ALL normal. My thyroid was tested, my glucose, Bloodpressure, electrolytes, sodium, potassium, all normal. I have been to the doctor twice last week, all say it is anxiety related. I do not feel nervous or under any extraordinary amount of stress right now. I am not on any medication other than Allegra 180 mg once daily for allergic rhinitis. This sensation is not the same as usual sinus tachycardia. (my tachycardia is not life threating, and does not require medication, is more of an annoyance and usually acts up when under stress or low blood sugar episodes)I feel a "buzzing" inside and the heart thumping is similar to when I have been sick with strep throat in the past and my body was fighting it off.(I also had a strep test, and it was negative) The only thing that is different in the last week was I had a yard sale over the previous weekend and did a lot of physical activity, and on the monday following I had new carpet laid in the upstairs gameroom, in which I have had the windows open all week to ventilate along with air filters and the air is really dry here and I have also had a little sinus pressure and swollen stuffy nasal. I could start anti-biotics but am trying to rule out the cause of this inner shaking first. I had a low grade fever as I was also on my period starting the same day that the shakes started. I don`t seem to have a fever as of now. My heart rate has been the usual rates 88 resting -140 upon moving around, just the pounding is more noticeable. My blood pressures are 99/66 upon awakening and around 120/82 during the daytime. Please help me! Thanks so much in advance!


You certainly have a complicated problem. I do not know exactly what blood work you had done - things that immediately come to mind are thyroid and adrenal gland issues (there are some rare conditions such as carcinoid syndrome or pheochromocytomas that can cause some of these symptoms also) - please check with your doctor to see if those were checked.

While you are getting a repeat evaluation (which I would recommend), you might ask your doctor for some medicine to help calm that "motor" running through your body.

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W. Fred Miser, MD W. Fred Miser, MD
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Director of Ohio State Medicine Residency Program
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