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Lung diseases

Calcified lymph nodes



Last year I developed mulitple bilateral PE`s. I was hostipalized for 6 days then released. 16 hours later I was sent to the Er and diagnosed with Massive bilateral PE`s. On all the xrays and CT, never were any incidence of Calcified lymph nodes discussed or diagnosed. One year after the incident, a CT showed to have many calcified lymph nodes. Could these be a results of the PE`s?


Calcified lymph nodes in the chest are typically benign and most commonly originate from a prior infection. In certain areas of the country, for example the Ohio River Valley where infection with a common fungus results in histoplasmosis, calcified lymph nodes are so common that they may not even be mentioned to a patient. They rarely cause problems. I doubt that the calcified nodes are from the pulmonary emboli.

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Michael F Reed, MD Michael F Reed, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati