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Kidney Diseases

Treatment for caliectasis and pelviectasis?



I just would like to know about the treatment of caliectasis and pelviectasis. I had hematuria for 1 week already. My ultrasound result showed that I had caliectasis and pelviectasis. Is this a serious matter? I am bothered. Please help me.


Caliectasis and pelviectasis means dilatation of calyx and pelvis (urinary space) of the kidney and is usually due to obstruction of urine flow. The dilatation of urinary space of the kidney could be in one or both kidneys depending on the cause of obstruction. The obstruction can be due to kidney stones, blood clot, prostate enlargement, or cancer either within the bladder or cancer compressing from outside compressing on the ureter/bladder/urethra.

Obstruction to urine flow at times can lead to irreversible kidney failure if the obstruction is for long period of time - few weeks. It is very important that you be evaluated immediately either in emergency room or with urologist to know the reason for obstruction and its treatment.

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Ganesh  Shidham, MD Ganesh Shidham, MD
Associate Professor of Nephrology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University