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Lacunar infarction



my father is 61 years old .he had renal failure and on haemodialysis since 3 years . one week ago he started to have unvoluntary movement in his body ( mouth , hands, legs, ..... )he is a little bit hyperactive even he cant sleep . A brain C.T. Scan showed ( lacunar infarctions one in left thalamus and one in right basal ganglia ) . what is the cause of these infarctions , how are they treated? are they the cause of these unvoluntary movements ?


Lacunar infarcts are small strokes within the deep brain structures. They are highly associated with risk factors like hypertension and/or diabetes, especially if these risk factors have been present for a long time. The best way to prevent future lacunar stroke is to try and modify these risk factors (lower blood pressure, optimal treatment of diabetes, etc.).

I cannot advise you about the relationship between these imaging findings and the unwanted movements. To do so, a physician must perform a full history and exam, then review the imaging findings, and then correlate them. The short answer is that these lacunar infarcts could be related to the movements. If they are only on one side, these could be related to injury to the subthalamic nucleus, causing movements called hemiballismus. Your father should be seen by a neurologist for a full evaluation if he has not already done so.

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