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Mouth Diseases

What causes swollen tongue and how to cure it



I woke up yesterday morning with a very swollen tongue and I`m not sure why. To my knowledge, I am not allergic to any foods that would cause this and I`m not currently taking any medication. My swelling seems to be in the middle of my tongue, not the tip. It feels very thick and I can feel the roof of my mouth without moving my tongue upward. What could have caused this and what can I do to cure it? Also, I have an area on my neck that is very tender to the touch (on the right side, which I also noticed when I woke up yesterday morning) and now I`m starting to get a sore throat. Could this be related? Please help!! Thanks


There are multiple causes of a swollen tongue. As you have mentioned, allergic reactions to food or other allergens (dental materials, mouth washes, medications, etc.) could be involved, in addition to trauma or infections. Based upon your complaint of neck tenderness, I would be suspect of some type of infection, either viral or bacterial. I would evaluate for lymphadenopathy and nodal swelling and then try to determine the primary cause. Because I am responding via the net, and not able to see first hand what is occurring, I would suggest that you have either your dentist or primary care physician evaluate this condition.

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Richard J Jurevic, DDS, PhD Richard J Jurevic, DDS, PhD
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