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6 year old and pubic hair



My daughter is 6 1/2 years old mixed child (her father was African American - deceased now)and ever since she was 3 years old she started developing dark pubic hair that is getting now thicker, longer and curlier. Our pediatrician sent us for a bone scan while back, to discover the true age of her bones which came out only one year ahead and told us not to worry about it. I read and hear all kinds of stories about 6 year old girls starting their periods and etc... My question is, could my daugher be just a little diffrent because of her African American background, is this something I need to worry about more and seek a second opinion? I don`t want to drag her from one doctor to another just because of that. She is a very healthy child. Thank you for your advise!


Thank you very much for the questions.  I am concerned by what you are describing. Among typically developing females, breast bud development often precedes the onset of pubic hair.  The fact that you are seeing pubic hair at this age is of some concern.  I have enclosed a link to a website that discusses the average ages for the onset of puberty in girls.  You may want to discuss this with your pediatrician.  Thanks again for the question. 

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