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Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer



Thanks for your response from my earlier question. I have read of many cases where CT scans missed pancreatic cancer. Mine was a 64 slice scan done at CPMC.

Since my ca 19 was elevated in Sept do you think in a 5 month span if there were pancreatic cancer that it would have shown in the CT? I imagine within 5 months it would have grown big enough to see?

My back has been hurting for a couple days on and off, I am getting odd sharp pains, my left upper ab still has pains,food makes my stomach hurt and I am exhausted. I know of a couple people dx in their 30s so while not common, I know it can happen.

Thanks again for your response, truely appreciate your opinion.


Yes, this would be enough time for a change to appear in the CT scan. To make yourself feel better, go ahead and get an EUS. A negative EUS and CT should make you feel more better.

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Syed A Ahmad, MD Syed A Ahmad, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati