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Yolk sac at 7 weeks



LMP was 8-4-09; on 9-1-09 beta was 66; 9-9-09 beta was 439; 9-11 beta was 828; 9-16-09 beta was 4398; 9-18-09 beta was 7227. TVUS on 9-16 gest sac was .8 measured 5w4d only gestational sac seen; TVUS on 9-23 gest was was 1.5 measured 6w2d and gestational sac and yolk sac seen, no HB, area around gestational sac was much thicker than week before. I have another US on 9-30. I had a MC in June 09 and am so concerned and want to know what way you feel this is swaying - viable or not viable. I am very tired most of the time, sore nipples, some nausea, some constipation, bloated a lot. So I have pregnancy syptoms going on. Do you still see this at this stage is the pregnancy is not viable?


There is always frustration with early ultrasound to assess pregnancy viability.  There is a range of normal and comparisons to hCG are hard because labs differ in their values.

The US on the 30th will likely yield an answer.

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Arthur T Ollendorff, MD Arthur T Ollendorff, MD
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