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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Meniere`s Disease or Vestibular Neuritis?



A year ago I was diagnosed with Meniere`s Disease after some violent bouts of vertigo and then a constant disequilibrium. Also diagnosed with migrains. All treatments prescribed (Antivert, Water Pills, acupuncture. etc) have not really given me much relief from the constant disequilibrium. A small dose of Kolonapin at bedtime (.05 ml split in half) helps a little) It gets worse if Im stressed or overworked. I`m also on a low sodium diet. My question is this: How do I know if this really is Meniere`s or perhaps it is this Vestibular Neuritis? I asked my Doctor about getting the blood test for the herpes virus, but she said that most people test positive anyway because of chicken pox and other things. She said that in the US, they have not proven this theory yet. I dont know that i bleieve that and i am getting desperate! Please Please help me!!!


You should get an audiogram and VNG. You also need to start vestibular physical therapy to improve your balance. You also need to exercise for an hour a day, 6 days a week. For recurrent vertigo attacks, you will either need medications for migraines or possibly surgery for Meniere's. Thanks.

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Ravi N Samy, MD, FACS Ravi N Samy, MD, FACS
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