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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Sinus infection for six weeks after pituitary



I have had a sinus infection for six weeks and have been on antibiotics three times. I had surgery to remove an adenoma on the pituitary in July. I have seen an ent twice because of a foul smell, lack of tasting anything, serious headaches, stuffy head as well as nose and ears and a sore throat with swollen glands. Today the Ent pulled out one large peice of bone fragment and a smaller on that he said my body regetted and caused an infection.He also sucked out green mucouse and some pus and sent it out for culture. He said that I should fell better after this and I wish that was the case. I have so much mucouse in my throat, I cant breath out of my nose and the god aweful smell and headache are still there and feel worse than before. What should I do at this point? I am allergic to alot of antiniotics such as Quanalodes and sulfer drugs and cipro. They have been treating me with augmentin and amoxicilin. I am scared that I will be comming immune to them doue to over usage.Can you please help me.Thanks


The most appropriate approach would be to treat you with antibiotics selected based upon your culture results.  Sometimes it is helpful to administer the antibiotic topically as a rinse, rather than take it orally.  You might discuss this with your ENT surgeon.  Further debridement and suctioning in the office may also be of some benefit.  If you feel you're not making any progress, you might consider seeking a second opinion.

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