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Should I Take Adipex Diet Pills?



I was wondering if it was best to take a multi-vitamin, B12 shot, and fluid pill with adipex diet pills? If I am changing my diet to healthy foods and exercising a lot to burn off more calories than I take in. Also will I be able to not only lose the weight quickly, but maintain a toned body instead of having excess skin? Thanks so much for your time.....I appreciate the advice!


Thanks for your question.  I do not advise patients to take B12 shots or fluid pills unless they are prescribed by an MD.  Below is some information on Adipex.  While this is typically a prescribed appetite suppressant for weight loss, apparently you can buy it over-the-counter.  It can be habit forming and is not to be used by certain individuals.  I believe diet and regular/consistent exercise is the safest and most effective method for long term weight loss.


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Lisa Cicciarello Andrews, MEd, RD, LD Lisa Cicciarello Andrews, MEd, RD, LD
Adjunct Faculty
University of Cincinnati