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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Hyiod bone dislocation



hi dr since 150 day i have not ate any food just fluids and i became so weak and dying slowly .. my problem is i have a hyiod bone dislucation becaus a traumma 3 months ago ( i was in the sport club and during trining a weight fell on my neck devolped later to dislucation) .. and then lost the ability to eat at all .. local doctors said to me after some tests that is my hyiod bone is dislucated and makes the laryx to dislucate to the left side during swallowing and the hyiod dislucation is very rare and complicated issue !! and don`t know what to do ??!! so doctors what should i do ?


I suggest you request a consultation at a University ENT program. Ask for a specialist who concentrates in head and neck trauma or laryngeal surgery.

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Lee   Zimmer, MD Lee Zimmer, MD
Assistant Professor or Otolaryngology, Director of Endoscopic Cranial Base Center
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati