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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Ear pressure in my left ear.



It has been about a month now and I can no longer take it. My left ear feels as if I am up in an airplane and I need to pop it. I was able to pop it a few times witch gave me some brief relief. Now I am not able to pop it at all. So my question is what might this be and how do I fix it?



You most likely have eustachian tube dysfunction, and therefore either fluid or negative pressure behind your ear drum.  Your ear "pops" when you are able to get air through the eustachian tube with forceful blowing, or valsalva.  I suggest you see an ear, nose, and throat physician who can make appropriate recommendations for therapy based upon his or her findings.  Such recommendations may include antibiotics, continued valsalva, appropriate nasal sprays, or even draining fluid from the middle ear space.

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Ravi N Samy, MD, FACS Ravi N Samy, MD, FACS
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology, Director of Skull Base Surgery Fellowship, Director of Adults Cochlear Implantation Program
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati