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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders




I was diagnosed with Bronchitis and Laryngitis back in October and are currently still here with no down period between. I have been to the doctor several times and been on a Z-pack, Amoxicillan, and then another Z-pack with no relief. Is there anything I can do to relieve these symptoms and get rid of this once and for all? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.


Unfortunately you have not listed any symptoms for me to work with.  You have given me diagnoses which I gather are not correct since you are not improved.  If your symptoms are cough, intermittent hoarseness, mucus accumulation in the throat, you might have an acid reflux problem.  People with acid reflux affecting the throat and voice box area are often misdiagnosed with bronchitis and laryngitis.  These latter conditions should improve with antibiotics and time.  If your problem is dragging on you may want to talk to your doctor about acid reflux (more properly referred to as laryngopharyngeal reflux and not GERD since the symptoms are in the throat instead of the upper abdominal/ lower chest area.  A visit to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor would also be helpful in terms of making the diagnosis. 
Good luck with this problem.

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Keith M Wilson, MD Keith M Wilson, MD
Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, Director of Head and Neck Division
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati