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Neurological Disorders Linked to Bendictin



My wife took Bendictin during her pregnacy for our first 2 children. All three children have issues with neurological disorders progressing from mild-migranes (oldest - 30), Tourette Syndrome - twitches (middle -28) and Gran-maul epilepsy & pervasive development disorder (youngest -26). None of these neurological disorders are documented as a problem back more than 3 generations for both sides of the family. I`m wondering if the mother`s use of Bendictin during pregnacy has been studied or linked to these types of disorders? The neurological disorders appear to have gotten worse with the children over time. I`m wondering it the residual (genetic?) damage caused the severity of the disorders to get progressively worse.


Bendectin was commonly used to treat nausea during pregnancy, and there were anecdotal reports that suggested it might cause birth defects.  However, several scientific studies failed to confirm any relationship between Bendectin and congenital abnormalities or neurologic disorders.

Although there have been no family members with migraines, Tourette syndrome or epilepsy and pervasive developmental disorder, these disorders do occur in families with no prior history and for reasons unknown. Tourette syndrome typically waxes and wanes, getting better and worse over time.  Migraines and epilepsy can be triggered by foods and medications, so they too can improve and worsen over time based on exposure to possible triggers. 

Unfortunately,there is no way to predict if your children's problems will continue to worsen or not. 

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Daniel   Coury, MD Daniel Coury, MD
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College of Medicine
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