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Cystic Fibrosis

Can you get cystic fibrosis at the age 51?



I have had chronic sinusitis for a number of years. I have thick sputum, 3 sinus surgeries, each getting worse. After I eat usually cough a thick secretions and salty tastes.


We do occasionally see adults diagnosed with CF, and some even later than 40 years old. Usually (though not always) these people have had some degree of problems for much of their life, though usually much milder than those with "classic" CF.  

If you have not raised this question with your doctor, I would. There is only one way to be sure-and that is to test. The gold standards are the sweat chloride test, done in a CF foundation certified site, and/or genetic testing. 

I wish you luck in sorting this out and resolving your symptoms.

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John S Heintz, MD John S Heintz, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University