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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Mucus Never Comes Out My Nose ....



I been having this problem for years. I know many people who blow their noses and this clear any congestion in their nasal. I almost never have mucus come out my nose unless i am sick , instead my mucus comes out from the back of my mouth.

I always breathe in hard and spit out mucus. Usually 98 % of the time it is clear. I always can breathe in through one nostril while the other is blocked and vice versa. This has become a problem after eating and through the day as i always have to spit. It seems as if the mucus is in the back of my nose near the throat and just waiting for me in to inhale deeply to spit it out through my mouth.

I have read about post nasal drip and i am unsure what this is. The doctor said i have asthma yet i never cough unless i fully exhale or laugh hard.

Can someone help me ?


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