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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Swollen Nostril, Upper Lip and Cheek Bone



A couple days ago the area around my left nostril was a little tender and slightly swollen. I thought it was the beginning of one of those deep, painful zits that happen from time to time. The next morning I woke to find my upper lip was swollen just mainly on the left side and felt as if I had a roll of cotton shoved under my lip...the area around my notril was more painful. I couldn`t blow my nose, open my mouth to eat, or smile without it hurting. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to something, maybe even a bug/spider bite (even though I could see any redness or bite marks) and started taking some benedryll which seemed to help a little as the day went on. This morning it was 3 times worse. Upper lip was massively swollen, and the swelling had spread up my cheek bone to the bag under my left eye...my sinuses were tender (not painful, just tender). Again I took benedryll and it`s helped some. I want to know what causes this and how long it will last and how I may be able to get rid of it. I`m breathing through my nose quite well, better than normal actually for it being allergy season...there`s no mucus either, no runny nose...nothing. Normally I`m very miserable this time of year, but that`s not the case here. Could you please help me?


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