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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Throat Irratation



Why can`t my throat irration be defined? I have gone to two hospital setting for test. I have visited two ear nose and throat doctors. I have seen 2 inturnist hopeing for direction. I have had a gastroscopy placed down my throat. I have had a barium Xray test. Yet in all test and office visits. Nothing was found in my throat. Other than what was defined as acid reflex. Yet from the moment when I wake up. I have a dry throat. Hours later a sinsation like lumps appear in my throat. As the hours pass the lumps move to different areas of my throat. Everyday. I am in the fifth month of the year and I am still having daily problems with my throat. Who can I go to for help? It is affect my ability to make a living.


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