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I am 45 yrs old. I had a TAH 10 yrs ago but my tubes and ovaries were left. I have been having pelvic pain (right more than the left) recently. I had a vaginal u/s that showed a 3m left ovarian cyst and a 4 cm right hydrosalpinx. My dr says there is a low probability of malignancy but wants to do some blood work to make sure. She said the hydrosalpinx is likely to resolve on its own. If I continue to have pain, then surgery most likely will be needed. I did have a lot of adhesions at the time of my TAH from my 2 C-Sections. She said there is a chance that adhesions may cause it to be difficult to do the surgery laparoscopically. What is a hydrosalpinx and the problems it can cause? Thanks.


The translation of hydrosalpinx means water (or fluid) in the tube (fallopian tube). This is not an uncommon finding after hysterectomy and if they didn't see it at the time of the hysterectomy, then it probably developed because of the tube is blocked at one end as a result of the surgery. Scarring from previous infection or surgery can block the other end of the tube which is why it fills up. There is no good blood test to rule out fallopian tube malignancy, it generally requires removal to do that. That may be the prudent thing if your pain persists or the tube remains dilated.

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