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Pain Management

Pain On Leg



I am 29 year old mother. I have been experiencing severe pain on my knee and above (thighs) if a I stand or walk for a long time. The pain is so bad. My family has a history of Osteoporosis and arthritis too. My mom, grandmother, aunt every body has been diagonosed with one or the other. I have been very careful with my diet. Have 3 cups of milk everyday and my weight is also under control. I dont excersise that often because of time constraints. Could my pain be early stages of osteoporosis/ arthritis? Or is it too early to get them? I dont have the pain everyday only when I walk for more than an hour or stand and work for sometime that`s when the pain starts coming. Pls advice on what I should be doing.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. This question would be better answered in the Osteoporosis topic. Please look in that topic for an answer to your question.

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