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Pain and Swelling of Residual Limb



Hi, I have been an above knee amputee for 25yrs but lately my stump has been giving me a lot of grief. I wear a suction socket but now at least 2-3x a week my stump swells and I can not wear my leg for more than 15min before I am in incredible amount of pain. I then proceed to take it off and put it back on again for hours until the swelling has gone down and I can function. I have no idea what could be causing the swelling, I do have bone spurs and bursitis in my stump, not sure if this could be a factor. My stump is also aching a tonne more than usual. Would love to hear some feedback. Thanks


If you've not already done so, follow up with your prosthetist to ensure your suction socket continues to fit properly and in consideration of your current weight and activity level. If it does and if your prosthetist's evaluation does not turn up any potential causes for your symptoms, then consult with your physician. Your physician can perform a physical examination and possibly diagnostic testing to try to find out why your residual limb is now swelling and painful so many years after you've undergone amputation. This examination will also include determining whether your symptoms have any relationship to the bursitis and bone spurs you mentioned.

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Brian L Bowyer, MD Brian L Bowyer, MD
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