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Hemophilia and Inherited Bleeding Disorders

Continuous Bleeding after Plasma Donation



I am a regular plasma donor for the past 2 years and prior to that a regular blood donor for the past 20+ years. Last week after my plasma donation, my arm continued to bleed. I rewrapped w/clean gauze and elastic bandage, elevated my arm and applied ice for 15 min. Not sure when it stopped b/c I feel asleep w/it wrapped and didn`t wake up until the next day. I have never had the continual bleeding thing happen in the past. I usually remove the wrap and gauze witin and hour and I am fine. Is it scar tissue that causes this? If not, what else could it be. I don`t take aspirin and didn`t do anything unusual like exert the arm to make this occur.


First, let me apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I thought I had already answered this question.

Now in response to your question, I cannot state absolutely that your post-phlebotomy oozing was due to scar tissue but that would seem to me to be the most likely reason especially since you say you are not taking medications that might inhibit the clotting process.

Some individuals make more scar tissue in response to injury and this blood vessel just may have a more stiff vessel wall due to scar tissue. It may not be the entire vessel but just one small area that is affected. As a precaution remember to put more pressure on that area once the needle is removed.

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Patricia M Carey, MD
Associate Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati