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Breast Cancer

Bilateral Hypertropic Breast



I went for the medical check up and come to know about bilateral hypertropic breast. Then I follow up my gyn to see the extent. She refers me for mammogram and result shows 3rd degree as I am intermedient neither benign nor maligant. I want to ask should I also go for biopsy as mammogram is not the final conclusion that I will have or not cancer in future.


This is difficult to answer because it is not clear to me why the mammogram was considered category 3, how old you are, and if you have any family history or other risk factors for breast cancer. If you have had previous mammograms, was there a change? Category 3 mammograms usually mean there is something seen that is probably NOT cancer but needs follow-up to see if something is developing. If all category 3 mammogram findings were biopsied, there would be a lot of unnecessary biopsies. It would be best to have a good breast exam by your primary care provider, if not already done, and if the exam is normal, follow-up with whatever is recommended by the radiologist. I would put off any breast reduction surgery (if that is what you are planning) until the radiologist says it is ok to return to annual mammograms.

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Paula  Silverman, MD Paula Silverman, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University