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Encephalomalacia, both cerebellar hemispheres



A recent MRI finding showsI have encephalomalacia in both cerebellar hemispheres. I was brutally assaulted assaulted in 2001 and have TBI. The MRI also shows degenerative disc disease in C4-C5 and C5-C6 with spur complexes. I have cognitive , memory impairment,in addition to many head/neck/back pain from the rear attack. My concern is the pathway this new thing will take. The radiologist told me I had T2 brite spots? I am struggling this past year, more than ever with cognition, speech & memory. I didn`t think it could have gotten worse, but it has. My quarterly appt with neurologist isn`t for 2 mos, and I`m interested to know about this today; it has me concerned. What light can you shed on this condition and its affect on patients like me? Thanks for your consideration - I`ll look for your response.


Encephalomalacia is a term that means scar tissue in the brain. It results from some injury that damages the brain such as a stroke or head injury. It is not something that worsens over time. If you feel you are getting worse, you need to discuss this with your health care providers.

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