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Is SERRACOR-N K a viable treatment for pulmonary fibrosis? Has it been tested in clinical trials? I am interested in taking it, but I need more info. I don`t want to take something that may cause other problems.


Serrapeptase has not been tested in well-designed randomized controlled studies in humans and there is currently no compelling scientific evidence that it has any benefit to patients with pulmonary fibrosis. In fact, there are at least two reports of patients developing interstitial lung disease after taking serrapeptase.

There are many companies selling serrapeptase who have made claims of it working in patients with inflammation, etc., however, there is no reliable evidence that it has any effect. It is sold as a nutritional supplement and not as a drug. As such, it is not subject to regulation by the FDA.

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Clay B Marsh, MD Clay B Marsh, MD
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