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Irritated, Inflamed Upper Back of Mouth



Periodically and recurrently I get an illness with the following symptoms: When my illness starts, I get an irritated feeling at the upper back of my mouth/throat,where there’s a connection to the nose.

Then later I get other symptoms: I feel warm, especially the face, like a fever - upper nose irritated feeling - eyes feel warm - my sinus area, upper head area feels ‘tight’, irritated - I get a sore throat. I feel tired, lack my normal energy. Nose runs a small bit sometimes, nose is a bit stuffy - sometimes a slight upset stomach. these symptoms have been recurrent for years - symptoms are there a few days, then I get better for a few days to a week or two,then the symptoms come back again - sometimes it’s like a constantly recurring mild sinus cold.

Many times when I eat, some food seems to go up through the passage at the back of my mouth instead of down my throat, causing irritation in the upper, back of my mouth and throat.

It seems to almost get sucked up the upper, back of my mouth (i.e. opening leading to my nose). This is often the start of my symptoms.

I get inflammation of my nose and mouth/throat - sometimes food seems to get stuck in my throat Thank you.


I would recommend you seen an experienced allergist who can determine whether this is an allergic or non-allergic chronic rhinitis condition. Many of your symptoms could be related to this condition.  It is also necessary to determine if you have structural problems contributing to your symptoms. 

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Jonathan   Bernstein, MD Jonathan Bernstein, MD
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College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati