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Lung diseases

Hard Time Breathing



i have mylofibrosis could this disease caused my lungs to be scarred? i had a cat scan cause i could`nt breathe please answer thanks


Interpreting your question, I read it to understand that you have experienced some difficulty in breathing and that your doctor has ordered a CT (CAT) scan. It is not clear to me if any specific findings have resulted from that scan or not.

Myelofibrosis is a bone marrow process which can lead to low blood counts of all types. Sometimes a low red blood count or anemia can give symptoms of shortness of breath, which I assume has been evaluated. Myelofibrosis has been associated with some scarring in the lungs in association with a process called "extramedullary hematopoiesis." This is a process where bone marrow cells start dividing in the lung and through a complex series of poorly understood steps can be associated with fibrosis.

As always, if there are abnormalities on your CT scan or persistent symptoms which you do not understand, contact your physician to discuss findings, implications and plans for action.

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