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My daughter is 13 and was diagnosed with Scoliosis. Her results of the thoracolumbar spine reads: There is right lumbar scoliosis convex to the left. Cobb angle measures 27 degrees from superior endplate of T11 and inferior endplate L3. She is a dancer and we just noticed one hip is higher than the other. She is not in any pain. We cannot get in to see ortho until Aug 23rd. Should se stop dancing until we see a dr? She dances about 18 hrs per week. Everything I am reading, its likley she will have to wear a brace until she stops growing. Are you familiar with the Spinecor brace and its effectiveness? Thank you.


Hello, thank you for your question. I don't really specialize in pediatric scoliosis, so I should say that I can't really hold myself out as an expert beyond what I know as an adult spine surgeon. I don't think having her stop dancing for the next week or so is really going to change much or accomplish much for her. If this is an activity she loves I would say let her continue unless it starts to give her pain. I don't have any personal experience treating patients with a Spinecor brace. The basic concept seems reasonable, but I don't know the published literature about its effectiveness. I would recommend that you bring a written list of questions to the orthopedic appointment. I wish your daughter success and good health in the future.

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