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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

Pain in Flank Area



My son is 7 years old. Sometimes he had pain in left flank. Through ultrasound the impression are as such- 1. MESENTERIC LYMPH NODES. 2. URINARY BLADDER FINDING ARE S/O ? CYSTITIS. Further evaluation and clinical correlation is suggested. Doctor suggested us to admit my chid in hospital for 4-5 days for regular treatment. So, I want to know that is it neccessary to admit him. Is it curable by normal treatment?


This is a difficult question to answer. Pain in the flank often results from a kidney problem, such as an obstructing kidney stone, kidney infection, or kidney malformation with obstruction. However, in some cases the cause is uncertain. On the ultrasound report, it does not appear as though there is an obstructive stone or kidney malformation with obstruction. I am uncertain why your doctor wants to admit him for treatment, and I am uncertain what treatment your doctor is recommending. You should speak with them and have a clear understanding of the specific condition they are intending to treat.

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Jack S Elder, MD, FACS, FAAP Jack S Elder, MD, FACS, FAAP
Clinical Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
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