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Lung diseases

Hole in My 5-Month Olds Lung



My 5month old baby was recently took to the hospital for a cough and cold that she had. The doctors run some test and come to find out that she has a small hole in her lung. But I don`t really understand how it got there and why didn`t they tell me at birth? Is my baby gona be ok with this hole? Does it close on its own or what has to happen?


I'm afraid that without knowing more about the test results that led your doctors to report your daughter has a "small hole in her lung," I can't really answer your questions.

They are, however, very good ones. Doctors understand that we often give patients/families news that at first is too much to remember/understand at once. Often, families think of questions to ask after we have left the room.
So no one should mind if you have some follow-up questions. I strongly recommend that you get back in touch with the doctors who gave you this information, or ask your daughter's primary care doctor for help in interpreting what you've been told. (Your daughter's primary care doctor should be able to get more information for you).

The conditions I can think of that might involve an explanation with the words "small hole in the lung" are all temporary - the hole heals up. Hopefully, your daughter had one of these conditions - but I would check with her doctors to be sure.

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Elizabeth D Allen, MD Elizabeth D Allen, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University