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Sports Medicine

Sprain/tear(?) in Shoulder




Two months ago I fell and slid on loose rock. When trying to prevent further sliding I tore something in my right shoulder. I heard it, being close to the ear. The shoulder did not dislocate but the event had me in severe pain for several minutes. Once the pain resided I continued slowly on with work (I`m a geologist). I continued working for the next two months carrying heavy backpacks, digging and swinging but trying not to use the right shoulder. Now, working from the desk, the shoulder still bothers me, especially while trying to get comfortable enough to sleep. My range of motion is about the same since the injury, good except when reaching behind my back. Should I continue nursing my shoulder back to health by not using it or should I see a doctor to fully understand what happened?


It has been long enough now that you should she a doctor for this.

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Kendra L McCamey, MD Kendra L McCamey, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Primary Care Sports Medicine
Associate Director, Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship
Team Physician, Ohio State University Athletic Department
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University