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Urinary Disorders

Acute Cystis



I had Prostate Biopsy 3 mos ago. Encounterd urinary,and seminal bleeding for approx 40 days. I went for usual bloodwork one month later. wbc>30, but asympomatic. Two weeks later extreme hematuria, along with s/s of infection. Went to E.R. Resulsts from U.A. Cystitis (lower tract) Given Cipro 500mg b.i.d. After 6 days urinary sympoms stopped, however persistant chills. s/s infection. I feel infection is more serious than diagnosed at E.R. I am fearful about spresding to upper tract, and possible kidneys. Any suggestions.


I would suggest that you follow up with your urologist to examine you and to ensure that the cystitis/prostatitis was adequately treated with the Cipro. A repeat urine test should also be checked to ensure that there are no longer red blood cells present and no further evidence of infection.

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Donald R Bodner, MD Donald R Bodner, MD
Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University