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Dental and Oral Health (Adults)

Lump Inside Tongue



my son has a lump the size of a small marble and it come in just over night no opening on lump under over tongue


Given the rapid onset and location, the lump most likely represents a benign process called mucocele. A mucocele is thought to develop when saliva (spit) is lost or spilled from the tube-like duct that carries if from the saliva gland to the lining of the mouth. The spill produces a painless lump of spit. It may increase or decrease in size as the body tries to absorb it or more saliva is spilled from the damaged duct.

A mucocele is often quite persistent and few resolve on their own. Treatment is based on minor surgical removal, and this is usually performed by an oral (oral and maxillofacial) surgeon.

For more information please refer to the NetWellness article on the condition Mucocele.

Good luck!

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